Guides on How to Effectively Sell Your Siesta Key Real Estate Property

Moving into a different place need a lot of preparation, but the most important thing that you need to prepare is how to sell your house in a faster way. Selling your house immediately will help you to move in a new house easily, because you can have the money that you can use with read more »

The Dynamics of the 2014 – 2015 Real Estate Market Cycle

We’ve all been through quite a ride in that last couple of years, haven’t we? The Real Estate market has moved up, down, left, right and sideways – sometimes in a rapid succession. Now we’re beginning to feel some sort of a recovery in major metropolitan areas like San Francisco, Miami, New York and Phoenix. read more »

Selling Your Condo – How to Maximize Its Appeal to Potential Buyers

Selling a condo is much like selling a typical home with only a few minor differences. Sellers now have to find crafty ways to create curb appeal for their condo that sets it apart from the rest. This may or may not prove hard to do as it depends largely on the style of condo read more »

So You Want to Rent an Apartment in San Jose?

So, you’ve done it. You’ve decided to rent an apartment in San Jose. Congratulations to you on your decision! Now the question you need to answer is this: what part of San Jose will you live in? Choosing the right neighborhood can be a tough nut to crack when you’re trying to rent an apartment, read more »

Flat Fee Discount Brokers? Do They Save You Money Or Cost You Money?

Fees can range anywhere from $200-$650. Realtor commissions are based on 3%-6%. 3% to list your property and 3% to a co broker for bringing buyer. These numbers are not set in stone, especially in today’s current real estate market they are negotiable. In the past when the real estate market was flowing these flat read more »

The Stage is Yours – Staging Your Home

We have all heard the term “it is a buyer’s market,” especially with the current economic climate. But what if you are selling? How can you market your home to your advantage? One simple “trick” that has come into vogue in the last several years is “staging” your home. What is staging? Simply put, home read more »